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Due to a variety of circumstances including conflicting events, there will be no
meeting of the Northeast Ohio Liberty Forum this month. Meetings have been held
at 7:00 PM the second Wednesday of each month at Denny’s Restaurant, 8111 Day
Drive, Parma 44129. We have shown several Alex Jones videos and Chaplain Lindsey
Williams’ speeches about the energy non-crisis. Frankly, the level of
participation has been disappointing.
If you live in the Greater Cleveland area, I would like some input. Are you
likely to attend the meeting which is still scheduled for August or future
meetings? Would you attend if the meetings on a different day or at a different
Responses to these questions will determine the future course of these meetings.

7:00 PM, Wednesday, August 5 The Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County will hold
its regular monthly meeting at Denny’s Restaurant, 4331 West 150th Street,
Cleveland 44135, just south of the I 71 interchange. Important decisions will be
made. This is your opportunity to participate. The public is welcome. Members in
good standing of the Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County are encouraged to vote
on some critical measures.


7:00 PM TONIGHT. from Rachael Jeffries:

There are many new developments in the Continental Congress 2009. Please get a
hold of me if you wish to be active in saving out nation.

Conference Call Tuesday, July 7@ 7PM.
Phone #: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 42260
Call in if you have any questions on CC2009, would like updates, or would like
to help. We REALLY NEED people to get involved. We are also still looking for
county coordinators and volunteers in most counties. You can find more
information on helping within the discussions, on the Ohio Group of the WTP
forum or The information may be easier to find through
the discussions in the forum since the new site is still under
minor construction. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to
ask….that is what we have these calls for ūüôā Hope you can make it.
Thank You,
Ohio Continental Congress State Coordinator

Visit Ohio at:


Cindy Sheehan, the Peace Mom, who has devoted her life to the cause of peace
since her son, Casey, was killed in the unnecessary, lie-based,
unconstitutional, counterproductive war on Iraq, will be in Akron and Cleveland
tomorrow, Thursday
and Friday at several events. The antiwar movement was severely weakened after
January 20 by the defection of those who are only concerned with Republican
unconstitutional, unnecessary, lie-based counterproductive wars, not those
conducted by their messiah (with apologies to Christians and Bible-believing
Jews) and are more interested in wrecking our economy and our remaining
liberties by Crap and Tax laws and socialized medicine so that our health and
lives will be totally at the mercy of the government. Mrs. Sheehan discussed the
divergence between the antiwar movement and the anti-Bush war movement quite
brilliantly on the Alex Jones Show several weeks ago., to get the truth.
War is the health of the state, as Randolph Bourne put it so wisely. Now is the
time to support true anti-war patriots such as Cindy Sheehan at the following

2:00 PM Tomorrow Wednesday, July 8 Mac’s Backs bookstore at 1820 Coventry Road,
Cleveland Heights, just south of Mayfield Road. There is a nearby parking garage
for which you should bring quarters.

7:00 PM Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 8 Akron Main Public Library at 60 South High
Street. There is a nearby parking garage which is free or nearly so, as I
recall, after 6:00 PM

7:00 PM Thursday , July 9 St. Colman’s Church 2027 West 65th Street at Madison
Avenue. Parking will be available at Zone Recreation, West 65th and Lorain
Avenue. For other events on Friday and Saturday, July 10, some of which require
an RSVP, see

Friday, July 10 through Sunday, July 12 The National Assembly To End The Iraq
And Afghanistan Wars And Occupations will hold a conference at LaRoche College
in Pittsburgh. For more information as to what you are still able to do see

7:00 PM Thursday, July 16 We The People will hold its monthly meeting at Sacred
Heart of Jesus Church, at the corner of Dennison and Albrecht in Akron. The
group focuses on tax issues, especially the Marxist income tax.

From Greg Coleridge:

Thursday, July 16: Potluck: 6:30 pm Program: 7:30 pm
Peace House, 10916 Magnolia Ave., University Circle, Cleveland

Speaker: Marty Gelfand, Senior Counsel for US Representative Dennis Kucinich

What could be more appealing on a warm summer evening than discussion of a
proposal to resolve the current banking crisis! And hear about the proposed
American Monetary Act which would democratize the money supply in our country.

Sponsored by AFSC and the Cleveland Committee on Corporations, Law & Democracy

Video of June 2 Public Hearing on the Federal Budget in Akron

Jobs, Housing, Health Care, Education & more!
How should your federal tax dollars be spent?
Tuesday, June 2, 2009 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Akron Main Library Auditorium 60 South High Street, Akron

Powerful community testimony was presented to representatives of US Senator
Sherrod Brown and US Representative Betty Sutton.
The video can be watched at

If anyone has further information about relevant meetings please email me.


This is a new feature which I intend to utilize in the future with announcements
to make these commentaries more interesting and informative. As always you are
encouraged to pass along any of my comments as long as you do not distort my

I was on a short vacation last week”getting away from it all”, as they say.
Among the disadvantages of enjoying yourself in this manner is that my only
source of news was the establishment media. Being cut off from alternate (i.e.
true) sources of information highlights just how rotten and corrupt and inimical
to us the establishment media is. Truly, the media is the enemy.
Here are five blatant examples of various types of atrocities which the
establishment media constantly commits.

1. CAP AND TRADE OR CRAP AND TAX (Where is the outrage?)

The messiah’s Cap and Trade bill, more properly designated as a Crap and Tax
bill, would plunge the United States into a permanent depression and includes
police state measures such as warrantless inspections of homes to determine
whether they meet fedgov energy standards. Of course, none of this atrocious
bill is constitutional. However, to make matters infinitely worse, a three
hundred page so-called amendment was added to the bill less than an hour before
the 3 AM vote was taken by the House of Representatives. Obviously, it is
impossible to read and judiciously deliberate about such a monstrosity in that
length of time. Therefore every Congress creature who voted for it should be
charged with treason. Every Senator who supports it should be removed from
office at the next available election or by recall, where available. Here is a
list of how Ohio Congressmen voted. Did the press, our
alleged defenders, show any outrage at this? None at all, of course. But at
least they mentioned it, which is more than you can say for Item 2.

2. PIRATES OF THE MEDITERRANEAN (News Suppression Almost Total Blackout)

Former Congresslady Cynthia McKinney is a socialist, feminist and a Black
nationalist. However, she is an honest socialist and not a one worlder or
Zionist. Therefore, the powers that be removed her from Congress and also
removed her father from his position as a Georgia state legislator. The Enemy is
thorough. You almost have to admire the SOBs for that, at least if they were not
enemies of the human race. It really shows that they care. More recently, she
was the Green Party candidate for president in 2008 and endorsed Ron Paul’s Four
Principles, along with Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader, the other
non-establishment major presidential candidates.
On June 30 former Congresslady McKinney and twenty companions, including a
Nobel Prize winner, were kidnapped in international waters from their boat,
Spirit of Humanity, which was delivering food and other humanitarian supplies to
the besieged sufferers in Gaza, by a gang of pirates calling itself the Israeli
Navy and taken to its pirate stronghold, the Zionist state of Israel.
Despite the fact that she is a former Congresslady and major presidential
candidate the only establishment coverage of this event was on a call-in show on
CSPAN this past Sunday.
I had to go to to learn that
the pirates finally released her and deported her to New York City today, July
7. The pirates claim that the delay was caused because former Congresslady
McKinney refused to sign a confession of any wrongdoing, a confession written
only in Hebrew. Hopefully, she will soon return to the United States soon.
To suppress news of this sort indicates that the establishment media are nothing
more than inhabitants of a brothel, bought and paid for by the Zionist state of
In the interest of full disclosure, the title which I borrowed from this section
of my commentary was the title used by Paul Craig Roberts in his excellent
article which appears on the website of former Louisiana Republican state
legislator, David Duke, PhD. Ironically, Dr. Duke is not generally accused of
being pro-Black, pro-socialist or pro-feminist. See and scroll
near the bottom for Mr. Roberts’ example of what journalism should be in a free

3. HANDS OFF HONDURAS (News Distortion)

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, many Latin American
governments were plagued by dictatorships, which often arose through repeated
elections of presidents so that eventually they held their positions for life.
The people of Honduras adopted a constitutional amendment to prevent this
problem from recurring just as the United States did in 1951 through our Twenty
Second Amendment. While it did not provide much improvement, (Eisenhower,
Kennedy, L.B. Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr.,
messiah) it at least prevented the spectacle of politicians occupying the White
House until they became corpses.
The communist president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya attempted to hold an
unconstitutional referendum to violate the constitution which he had sworn to
uphold. The Honduran supreme court ruled that action unconstitutional and their
Congress removed Zelaya from office. Since they have no posse comitatus law, the
armed forces followed Congress’ orders and sent him packing. Note that they did
not throw comrade Zelaya into a dungeon or use the standard communist method of
dealing with enemies, a bullet in the back of his head.
The lying media, rather than honestly reporting that Honduras is a country
whose government actually adhered to its constitution, lied that a coup had
occurred rather than a mostly peaceful constitutional transfer of power. Even
now communist comrades of Zelaya, the Castros in Cuba, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela
and Barack Hussein Obama in our own District of Corruption are denouncing the
nonexistent “coup” and, along with the communist United Nations and the
Organization of American States, which has also been taken over, are calling for
his unlawful reinstatement. Enforcement of constitutional government would be a
bad precedent for all of them.
It is time for patriots to start sloganeering: Stop UN, OAS and US meddling!
Hands off Honduras!
For more information, see PJB: Hands Off Honduras by Patrick J. Buchanan

Hands Off Honduras!

4. MICHAEL JACKSON IS STILL DEAD (distortion by 24/7 unrelenting and unfactual
news coverage)

Generalissimo Francisco Franco was an anti-communist socialist who prevented
the Communists from capturing Spain during their very brutal and bloody civil
war of 1936 to 1939. He became ruler of his country until his death in 1975,
successfully preventing Hitler and Mussolini from dragging war torn Spain, which
had suffered a million deaths, into World War II. In certain circles Franco was
criticized for alleged ungratefulness to the fascist and national socialist
leaders who had helped save Spain from the Bolshevik beasts. He lingered in a
comatose state for many weeks and the establishment media continuously reported
that he was still alive. After he passed away, the new comedy show, Saturday
Night Live, reported as a running joke on its Weekend Update segment that
Generalissimo Franco was still dead.
I was reminded of those skits following the death of (sort of) Black singer,
Michael Jackson. He is receiving more news coverage for a longer period of time
than John F. Kennedy did, even though JFK was an assassinated president of the
United States. It is, even without reference to Jackson’s personal life, a
veritable orgy of nonstop reporting, despite the fact that we are still in a
depression, losing our liberties at an accelerating rate and still on the verge
of World War III, not to mention former Congressladies being kidnapped, and
other relevant matters to which I have referred.
De mortuis nil nisi bonum, speak nothing but good of the dead. Of course,
history would be impossible if that maxim were to be followed. Try it with World
War II, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, MaoTseTung, Hirohito or Tojo, not to mention,
Churchill, Roosevelt or DeGaulle. Jackson certainly did take on the stature of
an historic public figure before he died at the young age of 50. That is almost
always a tragedy. However, I agree with Congressman Pete King of New York that
Jackson was a pervert, child molester and a very strange character in other
respects. Here is a two minute video of Congressman King’s concise comments.
Unlike Jackson, most Blacks who try to become White are not highly regarded by
their race. Although the whitening skin coloration has been explained as a
disease, that still does not explain the numerous nose jobs.

For a contrasting view about Michael Jackson, here is:
———- Forwarded Message ———-
From: Richerd Bender To:
Subject: Who Killed M. Jackson !
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 19:33:34 -0700 (PDT)

He was threat to √Ę?osecurity√Ę?¬Ě( as John Kennedy) for war mongers. Before you
start laughing√Ę?¬¶read my explanation based on facts.

Song Written by Michael Jackson “Tabloid Junkie”:

√Ę?o√Ę?¬¶Speculate to break the one you hate
Circulate the lie you confiscate
Assassinate and mutilate
As the hounding media in hysteria
Who’s the next for you to resurrect
JFK exposed the CIA
Truth be told the grassy knoll
As the blackmail story in all your glory√Ę?¬¶√Ę?¬Ě

More in:

Did you know that Michael Jackson was Jehovah Witness as his whole family?

Jehovah Witness√Ę?Ts religion is the only religion based on the Bible which
practically totally opposes wars. You will not find a single Jehovah Witness in
any army. Hitler hated them and sent them to Concentration Camps and all present
Governments (Stationary Bandits) by glorifying war heroes√Ę?¬¶√Ę?¬ĚDO NOT LIKE√Ę?¬Ě
them too.

Michael Jackson in his lyrics is promoting peace (as John Lennon), love and

That√Ę?Ts in total opposition to what banksters and CEO√Ę?Ts of the Military-
Industrial Complex (war mongers) are aimed for.

After all legal battles to break reputation of Michael Jackson he has still
enormous popularity and by his lyrics (listen to his last one on CNN) he could
trigger strong opposition to presently ran totally illegal wars in Afghanistan
and Iraq .

To mention little bit more about Jehovah Witness√Ę?Ts religion:

They do expect radical global changes soon: √Ę?oThe meek shall inherit the

They strongly believe in the Paradise on the Earth that will happen very soon.

I am sure they do not mean the UN (I call Usurious Nation)

More in:

So who killed Michael Jackson?

My speculation based on previous similar motivational reasons:

His bodyguards√Ę?¬¶they are all the time near him (day and night) and some of them
are agents of the Military- Industrial Complex. The exactly same agents of the
Military- Industrial Complex that killed John Kennedy:

√Ę?oWas Kennedy going to withdraw from Vietnam , and did the Evil Minions of the
Military Industrial Complex have him killed for that reason?√Ę?¬Ě

More in:

How they did it so there is not chance to discover it by any autopsy?

√Ę?o√Ę?¬¶Since 1993, Clinton allowed military radio-frequency weapon to be
transferred to police, the induced heart attack and cardiac arrest became local
involved police (invisible personnel) favorite inducing death techniques√Ę?¬¶

√Ę?¬¶ However, the new assassination/murder use the invisible personnel who use
the silent psychotronic (sound & radiation) wave weapons to secretly induce
death on their targets. Their victims’ deaths will always appear as the result
of natural causes.√Ę?¬Ě

More in:

Best regards,


I have not checked any of the links in this article and, therefore, cannot
vouch for them. DM

5. THE TRAGIC DEATH OF ROBERT STRANGE MCNAMARA (an example of distortion and

Robert Strange McNamara, the war criminal and one-worlder traitor, who
disserved our country as Secretary of Defense under John Kennedy and Lyndon
Baines Johnson during the VietNam War, and who confessed that he conducted the
war for years in a manner which he knew was futile, at the cost of thousands of
American lives, has died at the age of 93. Like Paul Wolfowitz after him,
Strange McNamara was rewarded by becoming the international bankster leader of
the World Bank, one of the many one-worlder organizations which should be
His death is a great tragedy. He will never be tried for treason and war
crimes and executed as a matter of justice to the tens of thousands of Americans
who died futilely and to the many more thousands who were wounded physically and
in that unconstitutional and unnecessary war.

Finally, tomorrow, July 8 is the fortieth anniversary of the vicious, unprovoked
attack on the USS Liberty. Let us all take at least a few moments to remember
the 34 sailors who were murdered, the 171 who were injured and all the rest of
the brave crew who were threatened with court martial and imprisonment if they
ever told the truth.

I welcome comments regarding anything about which I have written. If I consider
them worthwhile, I will print them so long as the author permits.
Thanks to Kevin for the title idea, Macko Unleashed.

For Life and Liberty,
David Macko

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