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Macko Unleashed #8

May 2, AD 2010  US 235


Attention, all registered voters in Ohio. This Tuesday, May 4 for the first time ever in Ohio you can send a message, Get Out Of My Wallet, Get Out Of My House, Get Out Of My Face! by asking for a Libertarian ballot. We have excellent candidates for all six statewide offices, 15 of Ohio’s 18 Congressional districts and over 25 state legislative districts. A few districts even have primary contests.

For a list of candidates, see at the Secretary of State’s site.

For information about most of the candidates see

I am running for State Representative in Ohio House District 17. My website,, is still being written so visit it weekly until it is completed. You may also find out more about me at my 2008 website,

In Ohio House District 16, be sure to write in Paul F. Hilts.

The more votes we get, the better.


Volunteers Needed For These Coming Events


            11:00 AM to 8:00 PM Saturday, May 22, and Sunday, May 23. The Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County will have a booth at the Hessler Street Fair in Cleveland near Case Western Reserve University. If you wish to volunteer for several hours, meeting people while manning our table, please contact me so that we can have as thorough coverage as possible.

ATTENTION CANDIDATES: If you would like to have your campaign literature displayed, please contact me. If we run out of space, priority will be given to statewide candidates and those who are running in Cuyahoga County. Hundreds of people generally attend this event. It is a good opportunity for statewide and local candidates to campaign. For information about the Hessler Street Fair, see


Thursday, July 22 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM, Friday, July 23, 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM, Saturday, July 24, 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM and Sunday, July 25, 2:00 PM to 9:30 PM. I will have a table at Solon Home Days. The location is 6679 SOM Center Road. For more information about Solon Home Days see

Volunteers are also needed for this event, space for campaign literature is available and this is also a good opportunity for statewide and local candidates to campaign.




                                    STATE ISSUES


State Issue One is a government boondoggle which will create $700 million in debt and meddle in what is left of the free enterprise system in Ohio. Vote No.


State Issue Two is further cluttering of the Ohio Constitution. In a free society, adults should gamble when and where they please without a government quadropoly. To oppose this quadropoly, Vote No.


Finally, vote no on all tax increases and renewals. We are still in a depression and it is unconscionable to further oppress the people will more taxes.




 7:00 PM Tuesday, May 4 Jason Sobisiki, former Northeast Ohio LPO Region Chairman and former Amherst City Councilman, will speak about the abuses of Eminent Domain laws at the Vermilion Holiday Inn, 2417 State Route 60, Vermilion, OH 44089. We can also hold our victory parties there.   6:00 PM Dinner 7:00 PM Wednesday, May 5 Meeting. The Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County will hold its monthly meeting at Denny’s Restaurant, 4331 West 130th, Cleveland. We will review election results and plan for the summer and fall.   Thursday, May 27, through Monday, May 31 The Libertarian Party of the United States will hold its biennial convention at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel, 800 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63101. For information about the convention, see To become part of the Ohio delegation if there are still spaces available see



As usual, this includes organizations which are dedicated to liberty, justice and/or peace.


Sunday, June 6  3:00 PM Veterans for Peace, Chapter 39, meets at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, at the intersection of Fairmount Boulevard and Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights.


Every Second and Fourth Thursday 6:30 PM The Northeast Ohio Anti-War Coalition generally meets at the Gypsy Bean Cafe, West 65th and Detroit Road. To verify future dates, see


5:30 PM The Burton 9-12 Group meets at the Burton Library on their Public Square, generally on the Second and Fourth Thursdays. Check with Jean Coe for future dates. Contact for current information.


Every Friday 7:00 PM Patriot activist Steve Berecek conducts meetings at Big T’s Restaurant in Streetsboro. Contact him at


Every Second Thursday 7:00 PM Akron We the People meets at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, at the intersection of Dennison and Albrecht in Akron.


The First Saturday of the month 7:00 PM The Coast to Coast AM Group meets at Denny’s Restaurant, also at West 150th Street, just south of I 71.





This is a truly remarkable time. In many ways it is the worst of times and in many others it is the best of times. The communist government of Barry Soetoro alias Barack Hussein Obama, or as Pastor James David Manning refers to him; the Long Legged Mackdaddy, (see has communized General Motors, the insurance industry and the health care industry, despite premature, overly optimistic hopes that Obamacare or socialized medicine as it has long been known, would not be shoved down the throats of the American people.

Next on the list are more benefits to the international banksters, disguised as financial reform, (knee)cap and trade which would reduce what is left of our economy to permanent third-world level depression, advance of the mass invasion euphemistically called the immigration crisis, covert gun control through covert UN treaty and the ever-present threat of World War III especially by our Zionist neocon overlords’ hatred of Iran.

It appears as though members of Congress don’t care about what will apparently happen to them during the November elections. Do they know something which we do not? Or are they going for broke, since they understand that they are going to be replaced soon, anyway?

On the positive side, the American people appear to be more awake than anytime since 1963. Much of this long-hoped for development is due to patriots such as Alex Jones. (See and The sheer number of meetings, including Tea Parties and numerous other constitution or libertarian minded groups, is certainly very gratifying. The depression has awakened many. The brazenness of the Obama gang as compared to the subtle enslavement which the fascists carried out during the Bush administration has also contributed greatly to this awakening. Will the patriot movement be co-opted by the neocons? Will the Republicans forget their newly discovered principled opposition to socialism if they gain power again? Time will tell.

Principles of liberty such as nullification, which have not been seriously discussed for over a century, have risen to the forefront of the political debate. If socialized Obamacare can be nullified, how much more of the cancerous growth of the fedgov which has afflicted America for almost exactly 100 years could be excised by principled state legislators even if Congress can’t restore the Constitution?

Perhaps the solution is with the state governments and a decentralization of the United States, according to the original intent of the Constitution. Such a beneficial effect would make it much more difficult for the one-worlders to rob us of our sovereignty and merge us into the new world order.

As for me, I don’t intend to take the chance that the Republicans have given up their vile addiction to power. I will vote Libertarian and I urge all of you to do so, too. This is the best way to send the message which I outlined at the beginning of this newsletter.

Here is still more good news. Ron Paul was actually within one point of Obama in a presidential poll recently. He has also won or come very close to winning several matches with other Republican presidential possibilities. If the Republicans have sufficient sense to win in 2012 they will nominate him for president.

Finally, Michael Badnarik is well enough to be holding Constitution classes and writing a newsletter including a complaint that he has not been sufficiently active to earn a place on the verminous Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate list, that being the list of patriots who they hate most.


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