Macko Unleashed

Macko Unleashed #19

January 31, AD 2011


Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. St. Matthew 5:9


                                    2011 ELECTION OPPORTUNITIES

(This message has been repeated from the last issue since it is still very important.)


This year there will be elections for many offices throughout Cuyahoga County, including the position of mayor in various cities and councilmen. Many of these are nonpartisan and don’t require a great amount of money to run effectively.

You can have the opportunity to speak out against high taxes, excessive regulation and other statist acts such as red light cameras. Best of all, this is your opportunity to vote for the perfect candidate, someone you can trust completely and whom you know will never betray you or your principles i.e. yourself. Let me assure you that when you stand in the election booth and vote for yourself, it is a very pleasant, stimulating experience.

Unfortunately, neither the state nor county party will be likely be able to provide you with any financing, although not much money is needed for local races. Each city and village has different requirements. Some are as early as February 2, so don’t procrastinate. I plan to have at least one copy of requirements for all offices in each jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County at the meeting. For those who want to do your own research, see and

I do not plan to run for office this year so I will be available with advice and help for your campaigns. As much as possible we can count on Jeff and Paul as we have in recent years.

We will also be discussing a Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County website.


For information about the Libertarian Party, see and


                               COMING EVENTS


7:00 P.M. Wednesday, February 2   The Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County monthly meeting at Denny’s Restaurant, 4331 West 150th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44135. LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF CUYAHOGA COUNTY. If you voted a Libertarian ballot in May and are a resident of Cuyahoga County you are eligible to participate. The general public is also welcome. I will have a list available of all Libertarians in Cuyahoga County. If you wish to know beforehand, email me. We will also be discussing the meaning of some of the election results and plans for 2011 and 2012, including the campaigns which I mentioned above.

If you voted in the Libertarian primary last May you are eligible.


7:00 PM Wednesday, March 2 Texas Independence Day. Vice Chairman Jeff Kanter will preside at the monthly meeting of the Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County.




Attention, especially for Columbus area former candidates and other Libertarians.  The probable cause hearing concerning my charges against The Ohio Christian Alliance CASE NO. 2010E-135 has been rescheduled to 9:30 AM Thursday, March 10 and I am going to request a continuance. I have attached a copy of the complaint which I sent to the Ohio Elections Commission in November after the election for those who did not see it in the last issue of Macko Unleashed.


Ohio Elections Commission
21 West Broad St., Suite 600
Columbus, Ohio 43215


Dear Sirs,

My name is David Macko. I live at 28810 Cannon Road, Solon, Ohio 44139. I was the Libertarian candidate for State Representative in Ohio House District 17 in the recent election.

My complaint pertains to the Ohio Christian Alliance, Post Office Box 3076, Akron, Ohio 44309, whose  website is Their phone number is 330-887-1922.

The Ohio Christian Alliance Voter Guide  published and distributed a piece of campaign literature, titled

Ohio Christian Alliance Voter Guide, which falsely claimed that “All candidates in the following House districts did not respond to the Ohio Christian Alliance 2010 Candidate Survey:” and listed House District 17 as a jurisdiction where no candidate responded to its survey.

I certify that I responded to all surveys which I was sent, as well as to some which I was not sent. Either they did not send it to me  or they did not publish my response.

I believe that this is a violation of Ohio Revised Code Section 3517.21 Section B Clause 10.

(B) No person, during the course of any campaign for nomination or election to public office or office of a political party, by means of campaign materials, including sample ballots, an advertisement on radio or television or in a newspaper or periodical, a public speech, press release, or otherwise, shall knowingly and with intent to affect the outcome of such campaign do any of the following:


(10) Post, publish, circulate, distribute, or otherwise disseminate a false statement concerning a candidate, either knowing the same to be false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not, if the statement is designed to promote the election, nomination, or defeat of the candidate.


This statement could have cost me votes if the election had been closer.

I request that the Ohio Christian Alliance should be admonished for this false statement so that they and other organizations will not act in this disreputable manner again.



For life and liberty,



David Macko



Sworn to and subscribed before me this ____  day of November, AD 2010.


The hearing will take place in the Office of the Ohio Elections Commission on the sixth floor of the Wyandotte Building, 21 West Broad Street, Columbus.


My attendance, while strongly encouraged, is not mandatory. As of now, I probably will not attend, but if anyone, especially other candidates who were similarly mistreated, wishes to do so I would be interested in the results. Here is a list of State Districts where the Ohio Christian Alliance claimed there were no responses to its survey: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10,12,13, 15,16,18,19,20,21,22, 26,27,28.29,30,31,33,34,37,38,39,40, 45,46,47,48,49,50,52,54,55, 57, 58,59,62,63,66,69,71,72,76,79,80,81,82,83,85,86,89,90,91,92,94,95 and 96.

 If you received this inquiry and tried to respond or if you are sure you did not receive it, you should notify the Commission that the OCA bore false witness against you, too. 

The letter was sent by Philip C. Richter, Executive Director, whose phone number is 614-466-3205.


                                                SPECIAL EVENTS


The John Birch Society will be holding a special event.


The biggest John Birch Society event held in Pittsburgh in decades!!!!!

Feb 3 Thu 6:00 PM


The Clarion Hotel

401 Holiday Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
(412) 922-8100

Mr. Andy Dlinn
(412) 979-5770
This is the biggest John Birch Society event held in Pittsburgh in decades, conducted by the JBS leaders and members
Please attend this SW PA National Executive Dinner
Please remember that Dr. Paul was a special guest in JBS 50th anniversary not this long ago and is still member as well. Please be liberty member that one night if not longer.
Be part of our Liberty movement where the TRUTH will set Us free

Andy Dlinn
John F. McManus
Arthur R. Thompson – CEO

John F. McManus
New Revelations: Why The United States
Should Withdraw from the UN One reason for joining the UN was to avoid costly wars, but war has now become commonplace. John McManus presents little-known facts about the UN’s creation and up-to-date reasons why America must withdraw from what Senator Robert Taft labeled “a trap” as far back as 1947.

Andy Dlinn
Biblical Basis for Americanist Principles
What does the Bible say about limited government and free markets as a way of life? The Bible was given to us as a blueprint for living. Mr. Dlinn explores the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings for clues that support what the early Founders also knew… that people were put on this earth to naturally be free. But what does real freedom mean?

Arthur R. Thompson – CEO
Eternal Vigilance
Without eternal vigilance, victory will quickly turn into defeat. Listen to JBS CEO Art Thompson as he discusses how we need to keep our elected officials on task and, through education, make sure our allies steer clear of false solutions.
SW PA National Executive Dinner
February 3, 2011 – Reception 6:00 p.m.
Dinner at 7:00 p.m.

The Clarion Hotel
401 Holiday Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Hotel Phone: (877) 424-6423

Tickets are $35 and are available from:
Mr. Andy Dlinn (412) 979-5770

❑ $35 per person (includes dinner) _____ number of tickets $_______ total
❑ I cannot attend at this time but please accept my donation of $______
Name ___________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________
City __________________________________________ State __________ Zip ________________
Phone ___________________________________ E-mail ____________________________________
❑ Check ❑ Visa ❑ Discover
❑ Money Order ❑ MasterCard ❑ A merican Express
# ______________________________________ Exp. Date _____________ Signature ____________________________________

Make checks payable to: The John Birch Society
to charge by phone call 920-749-3780
Send Payment to: Mr. Andy Dlinn • 6348 Phillips Ave • Pittsburgh PA 15217
Phone: 412-979-5770 • FAX: 412-562-9995 • Email:
Directions to the event:



Mar 12 Sat 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Holiday Inn

4181 W 150th St
Cleveland, OH 44135

The National Center for Constitutional Studies
Presents their full-day seminar: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
The Making of America:
The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution

Learn through unforgettable stories developed by master teacher, Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, why the Constitution is the Solution to many of our problems today.
Beyond The 5000 Year Leap, this course thoroughly explains the Founders’ intentions when drafting our Constitution, in their own words.
NCCS requires advance registration, so that they can supply course materials.
$35.00 before Feb. 12
$45.00 after
Optional lunch onsite for additional $10.00
PLEASE CONTACT Michelle for reservation and more detail.
Seminar Schedule
8:30am-12:00 – “Developing America’s Great Success Formula”
This is the exciting exploration which Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Washington and others made in order to rediscover the key to the creation of the first free nation in modern times. We’ll trace their adventure from 1400 B.C. to A.D. 1787
12:00-12:45 – Lunch break
12:45pm-4:30pm – “The Perfect Plan of Liberty”
A refreshing look at the solid political and economic principles from the preamble through the amendments to the Constitution. You’ll learn perhaps for the first time, how nearly every problem in America today can be solved by restoring these successful concepts.
NCCS is the same great organization that many of us get our pocket constitution’s from.
You can get yours here.…
$30.00 for 100 copies with FREE shipping.


4:00 to 6:00 PM Saturday, February 26  The Libertarian Party of Lorain County will hold a fund raiser at

the Harry Buffalo, 3619 Midway Mall in Elyria. $20 entitles you to all the pizza, wings and domestic beer you can eat and drink. To register see


                                    REGULAR FEBRUARY AND MARCH EVENTS


7:00 PM Tuesday, February 8 The Libertarian Party of Lorain County will hold its monthly meeting at the Arabica Coffee House 5322 N Abbe Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035.


7:00 PM Tuesday, February 8 The Cuyahoga County Campaign for Liberty will meet at the Brooklyn Library, 4480 Ridge Road, Brooklyn, Ohio . This location changes monthly.


7:00 PM Every Friday Steve Berecek holds meetings of various patriotic groups at Big T’s Diner, 9086 State Route 14 Streetsboro OH 44241 330-626-4705 There is always valuable information available. I RECOMMEND THAT YOU GET ON HIS VERY INFORMATIVE MAILING LIST. YOU CAN CONTACT HIM AT Thanks to Steve for the information about the two special events.


3:00 PM The First Sunday of Each Month The Cuyahoga County Chapter 39 of Veterans for Peace meets at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 2747 Fairmount Boulevard and Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights.


7:00 The Second Thursday of Each Month We the People Sacred Heart of Jesus Church 450 Dennison Avenue at Albrecht in Akron.


6:30 PM Every Second and Fourth Thursday The Northeast Ohio Anti-War Coalition, an antiwar group as opposed to an anti-Bush war group, holds meetings at the Gypsy Bean Cafe, 6425 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland.

Greg Coleridge provides much worthwhile information and organizes various activities.



2:00 PM The Last Sunday of Each Month Conservative Readers

meet at Panera Bread, 5090 Tiedeman Road, Brooklyn 44144 discuss conservative and libertarian books.

Thanks to Jeff for this information.


For John Birch Society activities, call Joe at 216- 681-5262.


If anyone wants copies of my campaign literature, especially if you are considering running for the state legislature in 2012, send a stamped self-addressed envelope with 61 cents postage to Macko For Liberty, Post Office Box 39233, Solon, Ohio 44139. For more information email me at or call at 440-248-8620. This offer is good as long as literature is available. If postage rates rise, I will advise you.





(This is so good that I thought I would leave it up for one more message.)Here is the best brief explanation of ‘Quantitative Easing’ and the Federal Reserve System which I have ever seen. Some of the language is not suitable for children, but not nearly as obscene as what the international banksters and their Republocrat whores who misrule are doing to the American people and the rest of the world. Grit your teeth and enjoy hearing the truth succinctly presented.

Then go to work with renewed effort to end the Fed and establish an honest currency based on gold, silver, platinum or something else which government cannot create out of nothing.


For those of you who have not been following Ohio news for the last year, Charlie Earl, the Libertarian candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, conducted the most active, vigorous campaign in Ohio this year. The only disadvantage of his campaign was that those of us who had to speak after him felt the same way as a speaker would who had to follow a speech by Patrick Henry. He is now commenting regularly about the nature of the world. I recommend that you sign up to receive all of  his observations, even though we disagree about the so-called ‘Fair Tax’.



If you want to get on this very informative email list, here is the information to do so.

Comment:  or



Here is my guest column, “Solving Solon’s problems from a Libertarian’s point of view” which appeared on Page A13 of the January 27, AD 2011 issue of the Chagrin Solon Sun.

If you wish to thank editor Ray Jablonski for printing it with very few, minor changes his email address is


As the American people slowly and belatedly awaken to the causes of the depression and the police state which enemies of liberty have created in Washington, D.C. and Columbus and begin to make some response, as they tried to do at the polls on November 2, we tend to forget that people are at work prolonging the depression and otherwise restricting our liberties a lot closer to home.

The report “City shoots down man’s home gun operation” in the January 20 Chagrin Solon Sun, as well as recent information about the deer problem and the treatment of Solon’s McDonald’s Restaurant, indicate bureaucrats and other enemies of liberty are at work to suppress economic revival and otherwise create aggravation.

For the record, I do not know Dominic Picone or the manager of our local McDonald’s and I do recognize the need for some regulations in suburban or urban settings. For example, although I get along well with my neighbors and they are good, decent people, I would oppose any of them having a nitroglycerine factory in their basements or back yards, especially in an area closer to my bedroom.

That said, local government should follow the American principles to which all governments should adhere. That is, they should be limited to protection of the lives, liberty and property of their citizens and invited guests and to provide justice. This is the only way to restore liberty, justice , peace and prosperity.

According to the report, Mr. Picone was attempting to help restore prosperity in Solon by starting a business in his home to build machine guns, short-barreled rifles, shotguns and silencers, not only improving our own economy but helping citizens to protect themselves from criminals who would rob them of their lives, liberty and property. In a free society, the proper course of action would be for the City Council to commend Mr. Picone for helping to end the depression and go on to other matters. Unfortunately, in the real world in which we live, the Planning Commission and its Director, instead of trying to figure out ways to reduce regulations and increase our liberty, refused to let him help benefit the local economy by refusing to issue an authorization letter to “permit” him to obtain a federal firearms license. This is so problematical on many levels that it requires further comments. First, there would be no Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives if the fedgov were operating under the Constitution. These characters just don’t understand “shall not infringe”. Secondly, if the City Council or the Planning Commission wanted to do something positive, they could urge the new Congress to repeal or defund the BATFE and they could urge the new State Legislature to nullify it in Ohio. Instead, they chose to deprive a citizen and taxpayer of his right to establish a livelihood.

Regarding the McDonald’s issue, here is another case of government meddling which should be solved by application of basic logic. McDonald’s is a very large, thriving restaurant chain which has been in business for over 50 years. If their business people who study such matters believe that their company and Solon would prosper by having a new restaurant at the corner of SOM Center Road and state Route 43, in a free society they would be allowed to try to build it. If the fears about traffic are correct, then free market forces will cause the project to fail.

Finally, to the deer question which has vexed Solonites since at least the late 1980s. Deer are the most deadly animals in North America since they kill approximately 150 Americans and Canadians a year, and injure many more, as well as destroy much property, especially automobiles. One civic leader whom I recall has compared their destruction of flowers and shrubs to domestic terrorism, as I believe that your newspaper reported. I recognize that there need to be some regulations, even in a free society, to protect life and property during hunting. Penalties for causing harm to persons or property by careless hunting should be very severe. Obviously, no hunters should be allowed to trespass on private property. However, if City Council wanted to benefit the people of Solon and neighboring communities, it would repeal all city restrictions on hunting deer and urge the State Legislature to do likewise, since this is a home rule and safety issue. Then we could have a final solution to the deer problem. As for the deer lovers, they can see the objects of their affection in the Cleveland Zoo, while the rest of us will not see them in the headlights of our cars. For the record, I do not intend to become a hunter.

This is a brief description of what life would be like in a free society.


Macko lives in Solon and is chairman of the Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County.


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