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Macko Unleashed #22

November 16, AD 2011

Give me liberty or give me death.      Patrick Henry




I plan to run for Congress in the Fourteenth District against Steve LaTourette, who has had a very mediocre record of defending the Constitution. Although it requires only a minimum 50 signatures to get on the ballot, the deadline is December 7, only registered Libertarians, independents and people who have never voted before can sign the petition and, of course, they must all be residents of the district. Also, there is still dispute as to the boundaries of the district. If you believe that you are able to sign my petition, please call me at 440-248-8620 or email me at

Contact the Libertarian Party of Ohio if you are planning to run for office in 2012 as a Libertarian. The deadline for filing is December 7.


These events were not listed in the last issue.

9:00 PM this Friday, November 19 I will be appearing on libertarian Garry Seman’s show, Distributed Living,  on WRUW radio 91.1, the Case Western Reserve University station. The show often begins with music and lasts for two hours. I will be on for approximately one half hour. If you cannot receive it in your area, you can listen on the internet for seven days at

6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Friday, November 18 and Saturday, November 19 “A Wake-Up Call for Civil Rights” The Islamic Center of Cleveland, 6055 West 130th Street, Parma, Ohio 44130 in the Rear Community Hall. These events are sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Ohio and are free and open to the public. RSVP at 216-830-2247 or

11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Tuesday, November 22 (the 48th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy) the annual End the Fed Rally will take place at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, 1455 East 6th Street, Cleveland. There is a parking garage across the street.

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Saturday, December 3 Women Speak Out For Peace and Justice will hold its annual Holiday Peace Festival at Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2592 West 14th Street, Cleveland.


                                    COMING EVENTS

7:00 PM Wednesday, December 7  The Libertarian Party of Cuyahoga County will hold its regular monthly meeting at Denny’s Restaurant, 4331 West 150th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44135. The public is welcome. There will be an unstructured discussion about politics, the coming election, including running for office in 2012, and other matters of interest. If you plan to eat, arrive by 6:00 PM. If you have suggestions for speakers, please call me at 440-248-8620 or email me at

7:00 PM Wednesday, January 4, AD 2012 Mrs. Julia Shearson, Executive Director, Council on American Islamic Relations-Cleveland will discuss her harassment at the US border and other vital issues pertaining to our liberty. Reports of her most unpleasant experiences were actually allowed to appear in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. As always, the public is welcome and there is no admission charge.

If you have suggestions for other programs, please contact me.

ASAP Contact the Libertarian Party of Ohio if you are planning to run for office in 2012 as a Libertarian. The deadline for filing is December 7.

For more information, email


For information about Ron Paul events in northeast Ohio, contact Steve Berecek at For Lake County events, the contact is

3:00 PM to 4:30 PM Every Friday until further notice. Peace patriot Don Bryant will lead another pro-peace demonstration at the Federal Building on the southwest corner of East 9th and Lakeside Avenue. It was a pleasure to participate in this event a few months ago with my “Impeach Obama That’s Change We Can Believe In sign several months ago and I hope to do so again very soon. Don is an dedicated activist, especially on behalf of Middle East peace. For further information, email him at and get on his mailing list.

3:00 PM Every First Sunday Veterans for Peace Chapter 39 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 2747 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights.

12:00 PM to 2:00 PM Every Second Thursday Northeast Ohio Businessmen’s Briefing and Networking Event Brewster’s Bistro, 2681 Creekside Drive, Twinsburg, Ohio 44087 east of Ohio 91, north of I 480. RSVP by email to GCCPAINC@AOL.COM or 216-631-2326 by Monday, November 7. This constitutional, conservative group meets the second Tuesday of each month.

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Every Second Thursday, We the People meets at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, 450 Dennison Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44312 on the corner of Albrecht Avenue. THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING DATE IS THE SECOND THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH. This group studies the alleged legality of the federal income tax and other monetary issues.


6:30 PM on the Second and Fourth Wednesdays of the month until further notice. Mavis Winkle’s 5005 Rockside Road, Independence, Ohio 44131. This is a game which is designed to teach you how to invest more prudently. It is sponsored by Jeff Kanter. I finally attended and it was enjoyable and educational. If you plan to eat, you should arrive at 5:30 PM.

The John Birch Society is holding meetings in the Greater Cleveland area. For information call 216-767-6646.



Here is a brief analysis of the election.

Issue 1 Judicial Retirement Age would have amended the Ohio Constitution to allow judges to take office up to the age of 75 from the current limit of 70. By a two-thirds majority Ohioans practiced ageism by voting against this constitutional amendment. I have noticed recently that I am becoming more sensitive to the issue of ageism, one of the last forms of prejudice which is still tolerated.

Issue 2 Repeal of S.B. 5 to change collective bargaining laws, salary schedules, compensation, layoff procedure and leave of public employees. I have not had time to read this multipage law and it is certainly an example, both on the state and federal levels, of laws which are much too long and should be broken into comprehensible portions. The voters of Ohio, again by a two-thirds majority, were also suspicious of this measure and voted to repeal SB 5.

Issue 3 Health Care Freedom Act. The passage of this constitutional amendment in all 88 counties of Ohio, which I believe is a record. Showed how Ohioans feel about Obamacare in particular and socialized medicine in general. Defying the recommendations of Ohio’s major lie papers the people of Ohio amended the Ohio Constitution to prohibit any local, state or federal law which would force Ohio residents to purchase health insurance. Fears that they would vote it down as they voted down Issue 2 were unfounded.


Here are a few comments regarding local Solon issues.

Issue 93, the police equipment renewal, passed as such measures usually do. People have put safety over liberty again.

Issue 94, the measure to prevent not only the city of Solon but individuals from killing the deer which have infested the city since the late 1980s, was soundly defeated. This was another restriction on citizens which we should always oppose. For the time being, at least, some measures can still be taken to prevent the rewilding of Solon.

Issue 95, the zoning change to allow the Nestle Company to expand on their own property, passed handily. Whether through understanding that businesses should be allowed to create more jobs or through respect for the rights of property owners, the voters did the right thing.


Here is a list of all of the coming episodes of Ron Paul vs. the Neocons or the Republican Presidential Primary debates:


From: Thomas J. Rice
Sent: Fri 11/11/2011 9:58 PM

Subject: FW: House Con-Con Bill


To all John Birch Society Chapter Leaders and Friends of the Constitution:


Currently there are two bills in the Ohio General Assembly which call for the convening of a constitutional convention. Senate Joint Resolution 2 would ask a convention to discuss a balanced budget amendment, an amendment giving the President the line item veto, and an amendment requiring Congress to adopt budgets every two years ( instead of annually ). House Joint Resolution 3 would ask a convention to discuss an amendment that would require federal debt increases to be approved by a majority of state legislatures. These bills have been referred to their respective House and Senate committees ( refer to the above attachments ).

THESE CON-CON BILLS MUST BE DEFEATED. Please contact your chapter members and patriotic friends, urging them to contact the members of these respective House and Senate committees, encouraging them to vote against S.J.R. 2 and H.J.R. 3.


Tom Rice

John Birch Society Coordinator




Congratulations to Ohio NORML for its efforts to restore the right to use marijuana for medical purposes. This will be a long, difficult petition drive. If you want to help, check


It is barbarically inhumane to prevent someone who is in severe pain or actually dying from using whatever substance may assist him The war on drugs, beside being a war on the Constitution, is also a war on humanity.


Here is G. Edward Griffin discussing Corporations and Occupy Wall Street


Here is former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura, discussing his case against the Transportation Security Agency


Here is a brilliant analysis of Ron Paul’s real electability from The New American:


In 1958 when I was in the eleventh grade an attempt was made to pass a Right to Work law in Ohio. This effort went down to a dismal defeat. Now, after 53 years, Ohio has the chance to do it right.

Like the recently passed Issue 3 it is clearly and concisely written, which should help its passage.

It is also being presented correctly as a workplace freedom issue.





Contact: Maurice Thompson

(614) 340-9817

Thursday, November 10, 2011



Coalition Begins Initiation of Constitutional Amendment to End Forced Unionism in Ohio


COLUMBUS – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today submitted to the Ohio Attorney General, on behalf of liberty groups and business leaders, initial signatures and summary language to begin the process of adding protections against forced union participation to Ohio’s Bill of Rights.


The Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment, which would “guarantee the freedom of Ohioans to choose whether to participate in a labor organization as a condition of employment,” will appear on the November 2012 ballot if 386,000 signatures are submitted by early July. Specifically the Amendment would provide that, in Ohio:


•   No law, rule, agreement, or arrangement shall require any person or employer to become or remain a member of a labor organization.


•   No law, rule, agreement, or arrangement shall require, directly or indirectly, as a condition of employment, any person or employer, to pay or transfer any dues, fees, assessments, other charges of any kind, or anything else of value, to a labor organization, or third party in lieu of the labor organization.


The Amendment would not prevent any person from voluntarily belonging to or providing support to a labor organization, or apply to agreements entered into or renewed prior to the enactment of this section.


Similar worker protection is provided in 22 other states, primarily in the south and west. Ohio would be the first Midwestern state to pass such an Amendment.   Backers of the Amendment, which was drafted by the 1851 Center, include many of those who successfully implemented the 21st Section to Ohio’s Bill of Rights, the Health Care Freedom Amendment, as Issue 3 on November 8. If passed, the Amendment would be the 22nd section in Ohio’s Bill of Rights.

“Ohio’s current unemployment rate remains over 9 percent – – it’s no coincidence that this rate of unemployment is much higher than in states that prohibit forced unionism, while private-sector job growth in those states has dramatically outpaced Ohio’s,” said Maurice Thompson, Executive Director of the 1851 Center. “This Amendment will make it clear that Ohio is a safe place to start, locate, or keep a business, and also a safe place to gain employment without being commandeered by powerful political machines.”


Before circulators can begin gather signatures, the Amendment’s summary must be approved as “fair and truthful” by the Ohio Attorney General, and its text as one subject by the Ohio Ballot Board. By law, the Attorney General and Ballot Board each have ten days to complete their respective processes.


Added Thompson “Ultimately, freedom to associate also means freedom not to associate – – it’s time for Ohio to end labor conditions that compel its citizens to participate in highly-politicized labor organizations, or instead pay a considerable penalty.”


Since the New Deal era, federal regulations have dramatically tilted labor markets in favor of unions, and have left little room for state autonomy. However, states are explicitly permitted to end forced union participation within their borders.


Read the Full Text of the Amendment here.


Questions? Read “Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment Frequently Asked Questions



The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law is a non-profit, non-partisan legal action center dedicated to protecting Ohioans constitutional rights and limiting government.







Our care should not be to have lived long as to have lived enough. — Seneca Is this email not displaying correctly?
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This morning we lost a friend.

Allan Edward “Ed” Thompson (66) passed away at 1:23 this morning after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.  Visitation will be held in Tomah at the Torkelson Funeral Home from 2 – 6 p.m. on Sunday (2224 Gasoline Alley, Tomah, near Exit 41 on I-90).  Funeral services will be held at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 303 W. Monroe St., Tomah, at 10 a.m. Monday with a memorial to follow at the Tee Pee Supper Club.

Ed was born on Christmas Day, 1944 in Elroy, Wisconsin.  For more than 20 years, Ed owned and grew the Tee Pee Supper Club in downtown Tomah.  Ed Thompson had been twice elected Mayor of Tomah as well as elected by write-in to the Tomah City Council. He set a third-party record when, in 2002 as the Libertarian Party candidate for governor of Wisconsin he captured 11 percent of the statewide vote.  He ran for the state senate as a Republican in 2010 and despite the diagnosis and early treatment for his cancer, which took him off the campaign trail for the final six weeks, he came within a half-percent of winning.

He passed away in his own home, surrounded by his loving family, including his children Ann Marie, Kristin Beth, Allan Edward “Chip”, and Joshua; his brothers Art, former Governor and HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson, and his sister Juliann Martin; and his long-time friend Josie Swenson.  He also has eight grandchildren.

Ed requested that instead of flowers, anybody wishing to memorialize him could do so best by making a contribution to the Community Thanksgiving Dinner he founded. Donations may be sent in care of the Tee Pee Supper Club, 812 Superior Avenue, Tomah, WI 54660.





The police, even in left-wing cities such as New York and Oakland , are beginning to crack down on the Occupy Wall Street movement. Could it be that the protestors are beginning to understand the root of our economic problem, the Federal Reserve System, or its solution, the election of Ron Paul?



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For life and liberty,

David Macko

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