Macko Unleashed

Macko Unleashed #29

JULY 3, AD 2012

“The answer to 1984 is 1776.”      Alex Jones

The 149th anniversary of the end of the battle of Gettysburg.





Thursday, July 26 5PM to 11PM, Friday, July 27 5PM to 11PM. Saturday, July 28 2PM to 11PM, Sunday, July 29 2PM to 9:45PM  Solon Home Days on SOM Center Road ( Ohio 91) about one mile south of Aurora Road (Ohio 43) I will have a booth. If you wish to volunteer to help man the booth, contact me at 440-248-8620 or As space allows I will be glad to display literature for Gary Johnson, other Libertarian and pro-liberty candidates (especially candidates in adjacent areas such as Sean Stipe (US 9th) Jeffrey Blevins (US 16th) and Bob Sherwin (Ohio 57th)  as well as that of other organizations which promote liberty, justice and peace, e.g. NORML, Gun Owners of America and other groups which promote our God-given right to keep and bear arms, Veterans for Peace, Greater Cleveland Peace Action and other peace groups, distributors of the American Free Press,  the John Birch Society and any other groups of which I am a member. Preference will be given to those groups which help man my booth.

This event is free and open to the public. There are no parking fees. I would much appreciate if I could have two people with me in the booth to pinch hit when I need to get food or perform other functions. If you can donate your time for three or four hour periods during the times listed above and call me or email me ahead of time including your name, telephone number and address, so that I can remind you or indicate any changes, with a definite commitment now is the time to do so.

For residents of the Fourteenth District, see for maps of the district and lists of cities, villages and townships in the district.

Stephen LaTourette, who last year broke his word to never vote for new taxes, has now set another record for himself. Last week, he became one of only TWO Republicans to vote AGAINST a criminal contempt citation against the contemptible apparent criminal, Eric Holder.

If you are not happy with that record and want to talk to people about it, now is your chance to do so, with minimal effort on your part. Bring an awning chair. Food and drinks are on sale or you can bring your own.




Recently, attendance at our meetings has been disappointing despite several interesting speakers. Please email me to advise if you plan to attend the meeting. If there is not sufficient interest to hold a meeting, I do not want to misuse the valuable time of our speakers or members. If there is an insufficient number of responses, I will notify those who planned to attend.

7:00 PM July 11 PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS MEETING WILL BE HELD ON THE SECOND WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH James McAbee, who was a Libertarian Party activist in Michigan before he moved to Ohio several years ago, will discuss Ludwig Von Mises, the greatest economist of the twentieth century, and his very important perspectives on the subject of socialism.

After Mr. McAbee speaks, Scott Rupert, an independent candidate for US Senate who was able to get 5000 valid signatures to earn ballot access, will discuss his campaign. He has three major qualifications. He is not Sherrod Brown or Josh Mandel I have looked at his website and can state that he is far superior to the duopoly candidates, since he believes that Constitutional government should be restored. Since there is no Libertarian candidate in this race, I plan to support him.

      As usual, our meeting will be held at Denny’s Restaurant, 4331 West 150th Street, Cleveland, just south of I 71. We will hold our meetings at the same location on the first Wednesday of each month except July. If you wish to eat, you should arrive by 6:00 PM. As always, our meetings are free and open to the public. Bring friends to become better informed.

If you have suggestions for future speakers or programs or any other questions or comments, please email me or call me at 440-248-8620.



PROMINENT INTERNET NEWS PERSONALITY AND PATRIOT DOCUMENTARY PRODUCER, ALEX JONES, AND FORMER GOVERNOR, AUTHOR AND TV PRODUCER JESSE VENTURA HAVE ENDORSED GARY JOHNSON FOR PRESIDENT. I believe that these are the highest level non-Libertarian Party endorsements of which I am aware. Hopefully, they are the beginning of a trend.


Gary Johnson

Ted Lacksonen

Co-Host The Libertarian Politics Radio Hour


This is a continuing project to support the campaign.

From Andrew Miller of the Gary Johnson for President Campaign:




Call and Email Gallup, Rasmussen, and other national polling companies to tell them to include Gov. Gary Johnson in their polling.

Gov. Johnson must reach 15% in 5 polls to be included in the discriminatory “Commission on Presidential Debates”.

Gallup: 202.715.3030 /

Rasmussen: 732.776.9777 /

Pew Research: 202.419.4300 /

Zogby: 305.529.6280 /

CNN: 404.827.1500 /






All candidates for President who overcome the daunting task of ballot access and competing in primaries and who are on the ballot in states with sufficient electoral votes to win should participate fully in all presidential debates. Otherwise, the debate is totally crooked.





There are still vacancies on the State Central Committee.

Within the next week or so, we are going to email out a ballot to fill vacancies on the LPO Central Committee.  If anybody knows an LPO member who lives in the following Congressional Districts who is interested in running for one of these vacancies, please have them contact myself and/or Aaron Harris immediately.

1 (one vacancy)
5 (two vacancies)
6 (one vacancy)
7 (two vacancies)
8 (one vacancy)
9 (two vacancies)
10 (one vacancy)
11 (two vacancies)
12 (one vacancy)
13 (two vacancies)
14 (one vacancy)
15 (two vacancies)
16 (one vacancy)

There are currently 19 openings.

Thank you,

Michael Johnston
Central Committee Vice Chair – Libertarian Party of Ohio (
Chair – Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (
Executive Committee Chair – Franklin County Libertarian Party (Ohio)


NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: The next meeting of the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Ohio will take place at 11:00 AM Saturday, July 14 at headquarters, 2586 Tiller Lane, Suite 2K
Columbus, OH 43231-2265. If you live in a district where we have a Central Committee vacancy or two and are a member of the Libertarian Party of Ohio in good standing, you are welcome to to volunteer to become a committeeman with the approval of current members. Call Toll free: 888-371-2956 or email if you have questions.


NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: The annual Libertarian Party of Ohio picnic will take place at headquarters Saturday, July 28. More details will follow.


Statement Issued June 3:


Good morning,

Yesterday’s meeting at Mohican was great!  Glad to see everybody come out to discuss the Field Development Division structure, direction, and coordination with the Johnson campaign.  Particular congratulations to Allen, Butler, Summit, Warren, and Wood counties on winning yesterday’s geocaching competition.

One of the things we all agreed to yesterday was to do another event in mid to late August.  The date we selected for that will be Saturday the 18th of August.  We’ll be working on site selection over the next few weeks, but please save the date.  Again, I’d like to have 2 representatives from each existing affiliate, one from each CDG (ExCom, LPO Directors, and LPO Region reps do not count towards your two slots), and representatives from the Johnson campaign.

With this much notice, I’d like to ask each affiliate and CDG to have their reps to me by 4 August to allow for food counts and proper material planning.

Thank you,

Michael Johnston
Field Development Director – Libertarian Party of Ohio (
Chair – Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (
Executive Committee Chair – Franklin County Libertarian Party (Ohio)
Central Committee Vice Chair – Libertarian Party of Ohio (



All meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at Denny’s Restaurant, 4331 West 150th Street, Cleveland, except as noted below.

August 1 7:00 PM Scott Sedlak of the Thomas Jefferson Knowledge Institute will discuss the importance of his organization in educating school children and their parents about the importance of the US Constitution in restoring our liberty.

8:00 PM Ed Wade, Independent candidate for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, will discuss his campaign.

He obtained over 4100 valid signatures to get on the ballot.

September 5 This will be a planning session to help Gary Johnson and local candidates. Since a very large percentage of Ohioans vote by absentee ballot, literature should be distributed before the beginning of October. Volunteers will be needed.

October 3 Final Pre-Election Planning. Scott Rupert will speak to us again. All Libertarian candidates and all other candidates who support liberty and do not have Libertarian opponents are invited to attend and speak.

November 7 Election Analysis

December 5 Looking Forward To 2013

If anyone has suggestions for programs please contact me at or 440-248-8620.


The Libertarian Party of Lorain County meets every month.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012, 7:00 PM


Dunkin Donuts

994 Abbe Rd N, Elyria, OH (map)

Across from LCCC  (Lorain Community College


                     CAMPAIGN APPEARANCES

This is a new feature which will continue until Election Day. Unless otherwise noted, the events are free and open to the public. It is always beneficial to show popular support for candidates. Where possible, direct questions to me so that I have more opportunity to proclaim liberty. An asterisk * indicates an event where I will be addressing the audience. At all other events I will be promoting liberty by mingling with the audience.

I consider my appearances on The Charlie Earl Show, at the Trumbull Township Association Candidates Forum, the Mentor 9-12 Group, the Trumbull Township Association Candidates Forum,  the Cleveland Ron Paul 2012 Candidates Forum and WELW Painesville on March 22  to be successes and good practice. Unfortunately, there was a technical difficulty at WSPD and I did not get a copy of my address.

Noon Saturday, July 21 The North East Ohio Values Voters will conduct the Cleveland March For Marriage, beginning at the southwest quadrant of Public Square in Cleveland. The North East Ohio Values Voters, unlike some allegedly principled organizations which are really Republican stooges, endorsed me in 2010 when I ran for the State Legislature in Ohio House District 17. I have volunteered to explain how the institution of marriage can be preserved and strengthened without violating the Constitutions of the United States or the state of Ohio or libertarian principles. I am still looking forward to their response.

Wednesday, July 25 Parma Patriots Denny’s Restaurant Parmatown Mall 8111 Day Drive, Parma 44129 More information later.

Scott Rupert, the Independent alternative to Democrip Senator Sherrod Brown and Rebloodlican Neocon challenger Josh Mandel, plans to attend this meeting. So do I.

Thursday, July 26 5PM to 11PM, Friday, July 27 5PM to 11PM. Saturday, July 28 2PM to 11PM, Sunday, July 29 2PM to 9:45PM  Solon Home Days on SOM Center Road ( Ohio 91) about one mile south of Aurora Road (Ohio 43) I will have a booth. If you wish to volunteer to help man the booth, contact me at 440-248-8620 or As space allows I will be glad to display literature of other Libertarian and pro-liberty candidates as well as that of organizations which promote liberty, justice and peace.Preference will be given to those groups which help man my booth.

8AM-8PM Thursday, July 26 to Tuesday, July 31 Streetsboro Family Days Volunteers are also needed, especially due to the time overlap. More information will be available later.

Friday, August 3 through Sunday, August 5 Twins Day Festival, Chamberlin Park, Twinsburg

7PM to 9PM Thursday, August 9 * Portage County Tea Party Congressional Candidates Forum Aurora High School 109 West Pioneer Trail, Aurora. I will speak.

Tuesday, August 14 to Sunday, August 19 The Lake County Fair. I plan to be there some of the time. More information later.

11AM Wednesday, August 22 Public Employee Retirees (PERI #86) Candidates Luncheon in Chardon. This meeting is not open to the public. It is always fun to share the principles of liberty with current and retired government union employees. Sometimes, it almost seems as if this is the first time they have heard about such concepts.

Noon to 9PM Friday, September 7 to Monday, September 10 Mantua Potato Festival. More information will be available later.

7PM to 9PM Tuesday, September 11 Portage County Tea Party US Senate Candidates Forum See August 9 information.

2PM to 5PM Friday, September 14 Kent State University Political Science Club Candidates Forum at Kent Student Center Ballroom at 1075 Risman Drive, Kent State University. For more information contact Christopher Clevenger at 937-509-2993.

If you know of any other candidates’ forums or opportunities to speak in my district, US 14, elsewhere in Cuyahoga County, Summit, and the Warren and Youngstown areas, please notify me as soon as possible. It is important to have as much information as possible to invite oneself to such events, especially if the organizers have not done so.


As America plunges into a full blown police state with the passage of Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act and signing by Obama on December 31, with almost no mention in the kept establishment media, and the threats of World War III and economic collapse loom ever larger, it is more important than ever to do as much as we can to advance the cause of liberty. Do whatever you can. Your life and liberty and the lives and liberty of those whom you love depend upon it.


                     OTHER COMING EVENTS

 Friday, June 1 and beyond.  Most Americans do not know that Mexico was subjected to a Communist revolution which began before the Bolsheviks captured and enslaved Russia. A new movie in theaters today, For Greater Glory, starring Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria, portrays the Catholic anti-Communist revolt known as the Cristiada against the Communist Mexican government during the 1920s. This development is especially interesting as Obama is persecuting the Catholic Church through the vile Kathleen Sebelius and his socialist Obamacare program which forces Catholics to renounce their faith or close their hospitals, other charitable facilities and possibly their schools. I do not know whether the movie will be as good as the preview but perhaps Obama should watch it. As an Orthodox Christian I acknowledge differences with the Catholic Church for the last 950 years or so but they are the largest denomination in the United States. If they can be successfully persecuted then we all can. All Christians, Bible believing Jews, Muslims, pagans and nontheists should stand in solidarity with them now. For the preview of the movie see and Viva Cristo Rey!

1 PM to 7 PM Saturday, July 7 The Andover Tea Party will have a Family Fun In The Park meeting at the Andover Recreation Park, Chestnut Street, Andover. I will not be there but literature for Gary Johnson and me will be available.

3 PM Sunday, August 5 Veterans for Peace Chapter 39 will meet in Sandusky prior to a fundraiser on Lake Erie. More information later. The VFP called for the impeachment of Barack Obama at its last national convention. Regrettably, nobody else has followed their courageous example.

7 PM Monday, August 6  The Lake County Ron Paul group will meet at Celebrity Pizza 7502 Mentor Avenue, Mentor.

7PM Every Thursday The 2012 Ron Paul Trumbull Meeting is conducted at Perkins Restaurant, 1953 Niles Cortland Road NE, Warren 44446

                        Movie May Still Be In Theaters:

“For Greater Glory”




Many people of faith today are asking, “What is the price of religious liberty?”

In the 1920s, many Catholics in Mexico answered this crucial question at the cost of their very lives.
The new major motion picture, For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada tells the epic tale of Mexico’s heroic struggle for religious freedom in a little–known conflict called the Cristero War — but many questions still remain, especially as it relates to our own country’s struggle for religious freedom.


This exhilarating action epic documents Mexico’s Cristero War (1926-1929) – a grassroots rebellion against the administration of Plutarco Elias Calles, who sought to restrict – if not eliminate – Catholicism from the country.

This film realistically recounts the martyrdom of thousands of Mexican civilians who stood up for their faith and their desire for freedom, paying the ultimate price for their convictions.

This impassioned group of men and women each make the decision to risk it all for family, faith and the very future of their country, as the film’s adventure unfolds against the long-hidden, true story of the 1920s Cristero War, ­the daring people’s revolt that rocked 20th Century North America.


May 14, 2012

“When Catholics Were Cristeros”



Forward email




7PM to 9PM Thursday, July 12 ,  and Every Second Thursday, We the People meet at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, 450 Dennison Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44312 on the corner of Albrecht Avenue. This group studies the alleged legality of the federal income tax and other monetary issues.


Noon Saturday, July 21 Cleveland March For Marriage begins at the Southwest Quadrant of Cleveland Public Square. This event is sponsored by the Northeast Ohio Values Voters. For more information contact Diane Stover 440-749-8360.

3:30 PM Sunday, August 5 Veterans For Peace Meeting 5 PM to 8:30 PM Veterans For Peace Golden Rule Project Sandusky, Ohio More information later.

8PM Monday, August 6 Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament (PAND) will hold an all Bach concert commemorating the 67th anniversary of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at the northeast corner of Coventry Road and Fairmount Boulevard in Cleveland Heights. The minimum donation is $10.00.

7PM Friday October 5 John McManus, President of the John Birch Society, will speak about the Federal Reserve System at a Ramada Inn in Columbus. More details later.

Saturday May 4, AD 2013 John Birch Society Council Dinner, Columbus, Ohio. More details later.

The John Birch Society is holding meetings in the Greater Cleveland area. For information call Joe at 216-767-6646.

6:30 PM on the Second and Fourth Wednesdays of the month until further notice. Mavis Winkle’s 5005 Rockside Road, Independence, Ohio 44131. This is a game which is designed to teach you how to invest more prudently. It is sponsored by Jeff Kanter. I finally attended and it was enjoyable and educational. If you plan to eat, you should arrive at 5:30 PM..

From peace and justice patriot, Don Bryant:


Stand for peace and diplomacy and to bring the war dollars home every Friday. We, an informal group, display signs that read “Down the Drones,” “US Out of Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq, Etc.” “Peace With Iran” and “Honk For Peace” at the Anthony J Celebrezze Federal Building, 1240 East 9th Street, Cleveland in front of Senator Portman’s office from 3:30-4:15 PM then we march to Erieview Plaza at East 12th and St. Clair in front of Senator Brown’s office. Park on East 12th between Lakeside and Superior at parking meters. Contact Don at 440-263-5205. Thanks!


If you would like to have your group mentioned, contact me.




Senator Rand Paul attempts to defend himself on the Peter Schiff Show 6-12-12

Here is an excellent analysis of Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney by Carla Howell, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party.

And another here at by Penny Langford Freeman, former political director of the Ron Paul campaign from 1998 to 2007, on Adam vs. the Man.




Why I Am Endorsing Mitt Romney For President (And Not Ron Paul) [Submitted by spacehabitats on Thu, 05/31/2012 – 07:09]

I understand that there are a number of Republicans (including Yours Truly) who are currently campaigning to become delegates to the Republican National Convention who have formerly expressed support for the presidential candidate, Ron Paul.


Like me, they may be running into some questions about their loyalty to the “presumptive candidate”, Mitt Romney.


For that reason, and others that I will soon explain, I thought it was high time for me to officially switch my support from Ron Paul and go on record endorsing Mitt Romney for President of the United States.


While I hope that my endorsement will help, in some small way, to promote party unity, I am also aware that there will probably be some cynics who doubt my sincerity. After all, it is public record that I have donated the maximum amount to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. And my neighbors might have noticed the four foot “Ron Paul 2012” banner in my yard or the eight by four foot sign that I bolted to an unused utility pole (lit by two floodlights and surrounded by twinkling multicolored Christmas lights).


So to reassure any skeptics, here is a partial list of the reasons I am endorsing Romney for president:


  1. Consistency – Mitt Romney has been unwavering in his public devotion to the principles and issues that would help to advance the political career of Mitt Romney.


  1. Flexibility – Unlike Ron Paul who has been ridiculously rigid in his defense of the U.S. constitution, personal liberty, a balanced budget and the sanctity of life (so much so that he earned the nickname “Dr. No” in congress); Romney has shown that he is capable of rolling with the punches, going with the tide, changing with the times, and bending with the breeze.


  1. Supporters – The top six donors to Romney’s campaign are banks (including Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, etc.). Who knows what is best for the average American? Why, multi-billionaire bankers, of course. Obviously Romney’s supporters have the kind of deep pockets that can not only pay for his campaign, but also buy the kind of congress that will make SURE that America will have another TARP bailout if we need it.


On the other hand, 97% of Ron Paul’s donations come from individuals. His top three donor groups are the active military in the US Army, US Navy and US Air Force. Many of his donors live paycheck to paycheck, are small business owners, or are even unemployed. No wonder a lot of them are running out of money. Ron Paul has only himself to blame. After twelve terms in congress, lobbyists from the big corporations don’t even bother to come to his office. They know it would be a waste of time.


  1. Public image – With unrelenting national and international press coverage labeling him as the “frontrunner” (and now the “presumptive candidate”) Mitt Romney has tremendous credibility. He has pearly teeth, perfect hair, tailored suits and looks, well… “presidential”. Ron Paul wears suits that could have come off the rack at J.C. Penney, has kind of a squeaky voice, talks for an hour without notes (let alone a teleprompter), and looks like your favorite uncle. You would never catch Mitt talking about things like “monetary policy”. Borrrrrrring!


  1. Freedom – Romney knows that the greatest threat to our freedom are the “Islamo-fascists”. Not the Chinese, that manufacture everything that we consume and that we depend on to finance our national debt. Not the politicians, that treat the constitution like a blank piece of paper and the U.S. Treasury like their personal piggy bank. Not federal agents, that can track us by GPS, tap our phones without a warrant, watch the books we read and websites we visit, and monitor the politicians we support. And certainly not the President of the United States who now has the legal authority to order the execution of any American citizen that he suspects might be a “terrorist”. Or the American-born underage son of a “terrorist”. Or the underage friend who happens to be standing next to the American-born underage son of a “terrorist”.

After all, Obama has promised not to execute any U.S. citizen within the borders of the United States without a trial and I am fairly confident that Romney wouldn’t either. At least not without a really good reason.

Ron Paul thinks the National Defense Authorization Act is unconstitutional. That’s just crazy. The Bill of Rights prohibits “unreasonable search and seizure”, it doesn’t say anything at all about “vaporization by a drone missile”.


  1. Foreign Aid – Romney understands why we should continue to mortgage our children’s future to give foreign aid to ANY government of ANY country that isn’t actually at war with us; including countries that are run by a dictator or whose citizens have a higher per capita income than the United States. Romney knows that the only TRUE friends are the ones that you buy and the best way to foster economic independence is to GIVE a country hundreds of billions of dollars. That is why Afghanistan, where 97% of the gross national product comes from the United States Treasury, is so loyal and has such a vibrant economy.


  1. Foreign Policy – Here again is where Romney really shines. He knows that American exceptionalism means that we should police the world. He knows that in this age of global economy, there are no nations in which the United States does not have a “vital national interest”. And even if there were, we could always justify bombing them to “prevent a bloodbath” or “promote democracy” or “enforce a U.N. resolution”. That means that Americans can rest easy knowing that we are spending ourselves into bankruptcy paying for the defense of impoverished countries like Germany, Japan, and South Korea so that they don’t have to tax their corporations which can then manufacture inexpensive cars (including the engine that gets 78 miles to the gallon) and flat screen TV’s that put Americans out of work.


  1. National debt – Romney is against it. How do we know? Because he said so a whole lot of times in a very convincing tone of voice. And just as soon as he is elected president he will show us how we can eliminate the budget deficit without raising any taxes, eliminating any cabinet departments, reducing military spending, or cutting Social Security, Medicare, or any other popular program. How will he do this? Well he hasn’t explained his whole program but it has something to do with getting rid of all of those federal regulations that are smothering small businesses like Goldman Sachs.


  1. Immigration – Romney is the only candidate who has had the guts NOT to come out with a firm stand on this thorny issue.


  1. Charisma – Romney has tons of it. Almost as much as Obama. Why is this important? Because in 2016, when the national debt has soared to record heights and unemployment is still in double digits it will take a lot of “charisma” to convince the voters to put him (or any other Republican) back in office.


  1. Economy – Romney is a businessman. That means he is an expert on “economics”. He is also in favor of “free enterprise”. That’s why he likes the Federal Reserve. They print all of our money. Then they GIVE it to Goldman Sachs, which LOANS it back to the U.S. Treasury and charges the taxpayer interest. How is this “free enterprise”? Because Goldman Sachs gets to take our money, for FREE!

But that isn’t the reason Goldman Sachs is the biggest contributor to the Romney campaign. Its because they know he is the “best man for the job”. And he knows a lot about the economy.


Romney had enough sense to know that the only way out of the 2008 crash was to give $700 billion dollars to the same guys that had caused the problem. Like Obama, he knew they were “too big to fail”, especially after Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan had bought them at fire sale prices. That is because Romney understands “free enterprise”.


  1. Electability – Romney is electable. Everybody knows this because we heard it on Fox News. He knows that he doesn’t need the support of the thousands of young people who have been attending rallies for Ron Paul or attending conventions or campaigning door to door or becoming delegates or GOP party officials for the first time. Why? Because he isn’t Obama. And he understands “free enterprise”.




Anyway, those are a few of the reasons why I am endorsing Mitt. But I saved the best for last. The main reason I am endorsing Mitt Romney is for my children.


You see, they need to understand the way the world REALLY works. My son and daughter need to see that their mom and dad know the score and why their hero should be someone like Mitt Romney. They need to learn from his and our example.


They need to know that it is never too late to learn from your mistakes, especially when it is politically convenient.


I want them to decide what is right, make a stand and never waiver … until it becomes unpopular.


They need to learn that when the going gets tough, they should take a poll.


They need to know that if all of their friends want to do the wrong thing, it’s time to join the crowd.


Because after all, NOTHING is more important than getting along.


And that’s why I am endorsing Mitt Romney for president.





The Gary Johnson for President Campaign


Macko for Liberty


The Libertarian Party of Ohio


Alex Jones and


John Stadtmiller


Downsize DC

The Future of Freedom Foundation

Lew Rockwell

The Mises Institute

  1. Edward Griffin

Will Grigg  Pro Libertate

Charles Earl

Michael Badnarik

Maryanne Petranek

Greg Coleridge


Rev. Ted Pike

Steve Berecek Steve is a dedicated patriot and activist.

The New American

The American Free Press



If you are receiving this message more than once, look at the numbers in the subject line and notify me.

For life and liberty,

David Macko


Macko for Congress The site is still undergoing reconstruction (excuse the expression) for my Congressional campaign. Keep checking. Hopefully, in a few weeks, it will be completed.


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