2014 Congressional Campaign Surveys

Letter to: National right to work committee

28810 Cannon Road
Solon, Ohio 44139
May 13, AD 2014
Mark Mix
National Right to Work Committee
8001 Braddock Road
Springfield, Virginia 22151
Dear Sir,
              I am the Libertarian candidate for Congress in the Ohio 14th District. Although I was not included in the Primary Election Survey for the 14th District candidates, I am enclosing my response together with some of my 2012 campaign literature so that you can use it for your General Election Survey.
              Most of the past literature is still valid except that it does not include my current call for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama for treason, war crimes, murder, and his attempt to destroy the Constitution and set up a dictatorship.
              My website, still under construction, is www.mackoforliberty.org. If you wish to contact me call 440-248-8620 or email me at dmacko@roadrunner.com.
             For Liberty, Justice and Peace,
                                                            David Macko