2014 News Articles

Twinsburg Bulletin

 From the Twinsburg Bulletin, February 6th, 2014:

Candidates for Ohio Congressional District 14 include Republican incumbent David Joyce, Democratic candidate Michael Wager, Republican candidate Matthew Lynch and Libertarian candidate David Macko…
 Macko, 71, of Cannon Road in Solon, is a retired bank adjuster who calls for the abolition of the federal income tax and federal reserve system in his platform.

 From the Twinsburg Bulletin, February 13, 2014:

Also pushing for limits to the federal government is Macko, 71, of Cannon Road in Solon. Macko is a retired banking adjuster and the libertarian candidate for Ohio Congressional District 14. With a platform centered on a “return to the constitution and limited government,” Macko supports the abolition of the federal reserve system and the National Security Agency, as well as an end to all foreign aid and international armed conflicts.
“I’m concerned that the incumbent had such a low rating on the New American’s Freedom Index. He only got a 50 percent,” Macko said. “He voted to cave in to the Democrats regarding the partial shut down of the government. He’s not doing things that need to be done, such as impeaching Barack Obama for treason, war crimes and murder. I’m not only anti-Obama, I was anti-Bush, I thought he should have been impeached.”