Macko Unleashed

Advancing The Cause Of Liberty In The Age Of Trump Part 1

It is critically important for all of us whose primary purpose is to advance the cause of liberty to take several new vital factors into account. Since the revolutionary age of Trump began on June 15, 2015, many of what we had come to consider as permanent factors in the current state of affairs have ceased to exist.

Trump was able to defeat sixteen of the most ambitious and, in some cases, skilled leaders of the Republican Party and to vanquish the Republican and Democrat establishments, including the Clinton and Bush crime families, and their totally prostituted media, hopefully dealing some or all of these monstrous entities a death blow, and to become president. We have seen nothing like this in our lifetimes. Barring an extremely unlikely surrender by Trump to his (and our) enemies, it is difficult to imagine any way they can stop him other than by assassination. From all that we know of Donald Trump, including the fact that he has augmented his Secret Service detail with his own private security team, I doubt that he will find himself in an open air motorcade in Dallas. Therefore, as libertarians, constitutionalists or other patriots, in this time of unprecedented turmoil which could lead to a restoration of America or a return to the brink of Hell from which we were recently spared, we need to continue to adhere to advancing the cause of liberty with renewed effort.  Americans won a battle on November 8, but we are only at the beginning of a new, more intense and likely climactic stage of the war to restore liberty, perhaps for the next century.

1. It is vitally important that we remain totally separate from the nihilist, communist enemies of America and everything for which they stand and who venomously, insanely hate and fear Donald Trump, perhaps with good reason considering their perspective and objectives. They are worse than useless hypocrites, as the great majority of their anti-war faction proved by going into hibernation when the communist traitor, Obama, continued and expanded the unconstitutional war policies of the fascist traitor, Bush, Jr.

2. However, we should not hesitate to oppose him when he is wrong, including some of the beliefs of his nominees for high offices, including consideration of the patriot, Edward Snowden, as a traitor, far too much tolerance for the police state surveillance which was greatly increased under Bush, Jr. and continued by Obama and apparent unwillingness to recognize that the fedgov has no constitutional role in health, marriage, almost all infrastructure maintenance and, perhaps most importantly, education.

3. We should support Trump when he is right. Every decent American should want to make America great again, although there will always be much debate about definition. Ending the unconstitutional abomination of Obamacare is a top priority. Auditing the Federal Reserve System as a first step to abolishing it and replacing it with honest money is critical not only to making us great again but to preventing total collapse. We do need a wall to protect us from invasion from Mexico, and points south and east, especially, and any other measures which do not violate the liberty of Americans and such lawful guests as we choose to invite. Considering the world chaos which has been caused by the actions of “our” government and others for the past century and more, any other policy is insanely suicidal for any person or group which supports it and will lead to the doom of any party which does so. Consider Europe and especially Germany, now misruled by the communist pig, Angela Merkel, and similar traitors in France, Sweden and other former bastions of Western Christian civilization. Regarding taxes, the right to keep and bear arms, entanglements with the communist cannibal dictator club known as the United Nations and its subsidiaries, including the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, one worlder anti-American trade pacts such as the Trans Pacific Partnership, support for the right to life, reduction of government regulations and other issues of special importance to libertarians and every other rational defender of liberty, we should support the new president as he continues in this unprecedentedly refreshing direction and, with momentum at our backs to go forward to our ultimate goals. Also, which in normal times would go without saying, maintaining peace with Russia and the rest of the world without compromising our rights and liberties is a necessity. The attempt by the soon-to-be-gone Obama regime and its would-be successor to start World War III were insanely horrifying. It is good to know that we now have a president whose life work has been to build, not destroy.

4. Finally, if and when it does become necessary to oppose President Trump, we should always do so in a rational, principled, credible fashion, keeping in mind that one of his most prominent behavior traits (one which overall has contributed to his personal appeal and has certainly had much survival value for him and will have for the government over which he will soon preside) is his almost instinctive response to almost every attack against him, especially those which he regards as unjust, with a total unrestrained counterattack which most often leaves his enemies to experience humiliating defeat.

5. As secretary of the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Ohio, it is also worthwhile for me to make a few observations as to the effect of the Trump Revolution on the Libertarian Party. Despite some shortcomings, Gary Johnson, who earned a highly praiseworthy nine percent of the vote in New Mexico for his record as governor, and William Weld were able to utilize the new reality to earn over three times the vote percentage of any of our previous candidates and attract many times the donations of past years. If we correct these shortcomings, which I plan to discuss later, we may be able to lead America and the world to new heights of liberty.

For liberty, justice and peace,

David Macko