Macko Unleashed

The Age of Trump #2

As the world witnessed the inauguration of President Donald Trump without the attempt to assassinate him, about which many patriots such as newscaster Alex Jones of the Infowars news service had speculated, we had less than a day before the next enemy attack in the form of a very well organized worldwide series of marches of communist canine pseudofemales aka bitches howled into the streets as soon as their master,  the Jew Communist Nazi, George Soros, whistled. Patriots soon observed that President Trump had been able to motivate more fat women to exercise in one day than Michael Obama had been able to accomplish in eight years.

Among the other most impressive accomplishments in his first few days as president, Trump and his associates have continued to defend themselves vigorously against the anti-Christ, anti-American, anti-human establishment media. He is already starting to dismantle Obamacare and has issued an executive order to abolish the one-worlder TransPacific Partnership. Symbolically, all reference to the one-worlder Global Warming propaganda disappeared from the White House website at approximately 12:01 P.M on Friday.

One troubling and somewhat puzzling event has occurred. As he promised during his revolutionary campaign, the president intends to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, thus recognizing it as the capital of the Zionist state. I did not know that our Zionist-controlled treasonous Congress voted to do so decades ago. However, our Zionist-controlled treasonous presidents have always postponed this move. Students of the Bible will recall that the battle of Armageddon and the end of the current age are prophesied to occur in that neighborhood, another very good reason to bring all of our troops home and end all foreign aid. I look forward to rational, literate comments which would help explain this conundrum.


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