End The Drug War And Relegalize Drugs

The “Drug War” is a violation of liberty. The right of adults to use whatever substances they wish should be honored. All federal and state drug laws should be repealed or nullified immediately and all innocent prisoners should be freed. Among the many benefits of relegalization are more space in our prisons for criminals and more time for police to solve crimes.

Just as adults should not be regulated by government as to what they choose to put in their bodies, so governments should not engage in forced medication. I favor the end of compulsory fluoridation of water supplies by local governments and all other involuntary medication. In a free society, every individual should decide whether or not to use any substances, externally or internally. It is also a bad medical procedure which may be an excuse for the aluminum companies to get rid of waste products cheaply. Some patriots think that it tranquilizes people. See http://www.prisonplanet.com/alex-jones-sodium-fluoride-and-the-forced-drugging-of-america.html.

The Green Party of Canada recently opposed compulsory fluoridation of water supplies. If the Green Party of Ohio does likewise, we Libertarians, as well as members of the Constitution Party, should establish a united front (excuse the expression) with them to advance the cause of liberty.