Honest and Fair Elections

I want to restore paper ballots, manually counted at each precinct, reported directly and retained as evidence. Ballot access requirements, which were designed to hinder alternate parties and independent candidates, should be reduced drastically and eventually eliminated. So should campaign finance and reporting laws which are restrictions on the God-given rights which are guaranteed by the First Amendment.

I favor increasing the size of the Ohio House of Representatives to 149 members and the state Senate to 53 with 50 and 20 of them being elected by proportional representation so that if an alternate party receives two percent of the vote for representatives or five percent of the vote for senators it will get one seat in the House of Representatives or one Seat in the Senate.
We must stop election fraud if our constitutional republic is to survive. Such horrendous miscarriages of justice, such as Libertarian candidate for president, Michael Badnarik, and Green Party write-in candidate for president uncovered in Ohio in 2004, must cease. If the people no longer trust the integrity of elections, our constitutional republic or what is left of it will cease to exist. A dedicated group of patriots which is working for honest elections is Black Box Voting http://www.blackboxvoting.org/.
Another very important group which seeks fair elections is http://www.instantrunoff.com/. I support this measure to end the false scare tactic of lesser of two evils elections and to allow everyone to participate more fully and prevent minority rule.
The Free and Equal Elections Foundation www.freeandequal.org opposes threats to voter choice.
An organization which focuses on burdensome ballot access requirements is C.O.F.O.E., the Coalition for Free and Open Elections. http://www.cofoe.org/.
The world’s leading expert on ballot access reform, Richard Winger, publishes a monthly newsletter, Ballot Access News. His web site is http://www.ballot-access.org/