Marriage And The Family

Marriage should be restored as a sacred institution between the contractors and God. For those who regard it as simply a contract, the only duty of the state is to guarantee the contract, not to dictate its terms.

I favor restoration of fathers’ rights. Imprisonment for failure to pay child support should end now. This is no different than debtors’ prisons. The bias of family courts toward females should end. Mothers who prevent fathers from seeing their children according to divorce agreements should be punished. Alimony should be abolished. For more information see A Site about the Divorce Regime, Family Court Corruption, and Government’s War on Fathers.
I will fight to prevent child kidnapping in Ohio. We must never have mass kidnappings of children in Ohio as occurred in Texas recently when 400 children were kidnapped by their “Children’s Protective Services” Department on the basis of an anonymous claim made by a female caller from out of state! To prevent such outrages here, I favor ending all federal and state funding of Protective Services Departments so that they must be accountable to their local communities, assuming that they should exist at all.