The most important function of the government of Ohio is to protect the lives, liberty and property of our citizens. Since the federal government has been the greatest threat to our liberties for decades, it is the duty of every government employee in Ohio, especially members of the state legislature, to resist its encroachments on freedom.

We must work to nullify all unconstitutional federal laws, forbid federal officials from enforcing unconstitutional laws in Ohio and to sequester those federal taxes which don’t fund Constitutional purposes. This is the best peaceful way to abolish Obamacare or other socialized medicine schemes.
I urge all of you to read Nullification: How To Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century by libertarian scholar, economist and historian Thomas E. Woods, Jr. Every citizen who wants to restore liberty and reduce the fedgov to its constitutional limits should read this book, which may be the most important volume of 2010. Everybody who wants to hold any state office, especially in the legislature, needs to read this book. Dr. Woods studies the history of nullification, a political concept which was devised by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in 1798 to encourage the governments of Kentucky and Virginia to resist the unconstitutional Sedition Act and the very questionable Alien Acts. Dr. Woods clearly shows how ridiculous it is to suppose that a branch of the fedgov, namely federal courts, could do much to resist federal power and how absurd it is to allow the fedgov to be the arbiter of the contract between it and the sovereign states.
He also explores the use of nullification by Jeffersonian Democrats in the 1790s and by Federalists in the War of 1812, including Daniel Webster. Although generally considered as a nationalist, especially by establishment historians, Webster proposed nullification as a moderate means of opposing a proposed draft measure, which would avoid the extremes of submission and secession.
Nullification was also proposed by both sides before the War For Southern Independence. Opponents of the Fugitive Slave laws and Southerners who wanted to preserve their institutions both appealed to the concept.
Many states are passively nullifying the police state Real ID Act. See for more about this evil measure.
The author of the Declaration of Independence and the Father of the Constitution provided yet another immensely valuable political concept which we can use to restore our liberties peacefully, God willing. Nullification is a responsible, moderate, peaceful way to end federal police state tyranny without martyrdom or submission on one hand or secession or armed revolution on the other.