Restoration of Justice

Juries have the right to determine both the law and the facts of each case. This concept helped establish freedom of religion in Britain and America and end fugitive slave laws and prohibition here. See

Driver licenses, license plates and speed limits outside of corporations should be repealed. All preventative laws should cease to exist. Only acts which kill or injure innocent people or which destroy or damage their property should be treated as crimes. Prostitution, pornography unless it directly injures innocent parties, all gambling and mere possession of weapons or ammunition should not be punished since they do not harm innocent people.
Concerning licensing,  a license is permission to do that which is illegal. I favor repeal of licensing for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, plumbers, barbers, all other businessmen and automobile drivers. Licensing tends to create monopolies and raise prices. Repeal of such laws will start to get us out of the depression faster.
I support the death penalty. Some people deserve it. Like any power of government, it should be used sparingly, and very carefully, especially since restitution or compensation is impossible if a mistake is made. Like all other accused, those charged with capital offenses should have access to all evidence against them, including DNA samples, and juries should always be told about their rights regarding jury nullification. (See above under Juries.)
Corporations were created to protect businessmen from bankruptcy. However, since they are almost immortal and do not feel pain it is difficult to punish them for wrongdoing. The members of corporations who promote the creation of a one-world government, international banksterism and our enslavement by creating money out of nothing, in violation of God’s law that only He can create substance out of nothing, should be subject to treason laws, just as everyone else should be. I am leaning more and more toward the concept of restoring full liability which would require abolition of corporations. There are proposals to limit their influence on elections and if I could imagine any such restrictions which did not violate the God-given rights which are guaranteed by the First Amendment, I would give them consideration. Perhaps the strongest argument against corporations is that they are creatures of the state.