Right to Keep and Bear Arms

There should be no laws preventing adults, or mature children with the permission of their parents, from bearing weapons openly or concealed, unless they are in prison.

In Vermont, anyone can carry without any registration or other impediment. Vermont has one of the lowest crime rates in this country. If weapons owners want reciprocity with other states, they shall be issued official cards by the state which should not cost more than business cards. NO RECORDS OF THESE SHOULD BE KEPT.

I support laws such as Montana and Tennessee have passed to exempt all guns and ammunition which are manufactured, sold to, and used by Ohioans in Ohio from all federal gun laws. I believe that all federal gun laws, beginning with Franklin Roosevelt’s unconstitutional tax on machine guns should be nullified, especially the law which established the unconstitutional, thuggish federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. If necessary, federal agents who attempt to enforce these and all other unconstitutional laws which the legislature of Ohio may nullify should be arrested and punished severely, if convicted.