Right To Life

The primary purpose of government is to protect innocent life, liberty and property from conception to natural death. Pending repeal of the monstrous Roe vs. Wade decision which has caused over 50,000,000 deaths since 1973, almost as many as Stalin and Mao killed and more than were murdered by Hitler, we should attempt to use interposition and nullification (see http://www.lewrockwell.com/pr/nullification-its-official.html) to outlaw all abortions without exception, recognizing that the mother has the right to use whatever medical procedure is necessary to preserve her life or prevent permanent injury, even if it unavoidably results in the child’s death.

Pre-1973 penalties for committing abortion should be restored. A woman has, in almost all instances, the choice of whether to serve the pleasure of a man or not. She has the choice of whether to use contraceptive measures although not abortifacients. Every child should have the choice of being born.
See www.l4l.org. Libertarians for Life for further information about my position on this vital matter. If government is given the power to decide who is a human being, the battle for liberty is lost. Government must defend all innocent human life from conception to natural death.