Start Getting Out Of The Depression

Repeal the Ohio State Income Tax and repeal all local property taxes and reduce the state sales tax to no more than three percent within two years and reduce government spending to that level. Ohio prospered without an income tax from 1803 to 1972. Income taxes were promoted by Karl Marx as one of the ten planks of his diabolical Communist Manifesto. As long as property taxes exist, nobody owns property. We merely rent it from the government. Marx defined Communism as the abolition of private property in land. Attempts to implement his evil philosophy caused the deaths of over 100,000,000 people during the Twentieth Century.

Phase out welfare to corporations, unhusbanded mothers and everyone else within two years.

The Ohio minimum wage should be repealed as well as all other laws and regulations which hinder the economy. The Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) is an especially obnoxious example of suppression of economic growth by the government.

Irrational schemes such as the slow train from Cleveland to Cincinnati should always be rejected. A Kenyan runner could run almost as fast.